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Brains and beauty, finally.

Founded in June 2008, PolicySpot is the Web-based policy document management app that helps individuals and businesses manage their insurance documents. Although our product was officially released in 2008, PolicySpot was created nearly 8 years prior by the team at Horizon Platform. Unhappy with the policy issuance available at that time, PolicySpot was created with the purpose of offering a safe secure place to store insurance documents. Essentially, we saw a need for an issuance that paid special attention to statistics and that was designed for the agent experience. Implementing the social network framework into a secure environment to share documents is what it is all about.

Agents and CarriersIncrease Customer Service of your Clients

Policy Holders

We are a secure mobile app for all of your insurance documents to be viewed!

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Retail Brokers

Deliver your Policy Documents online and to mobile devices in seconds.

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Insurance Carriers

Offer secure online and mobile issuance for all your subbrokers and their insureds.

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