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Store and Deliver

Store and Deliver Documents Secure cloud-based Insurance Doc Storage and Sharing

Because email is an inherently un-secure communication channel, we do not attach your document to the email. Rather, we provide the recipient with a link to a secure web page where they can obtain the document. This ensures that the document never leaves our control. As a result, when the recipient views the document, we can provide you with an instant notification and log the activity. We made it easy, no extra information, just what we need to get your policy delivered. Submit via our website, and your clients can have access via a mobile app for insurance agents.

State-of-the-Art Data Centers
In order to provide our customers with a highly secure, reliable, and scalable solution, we use GoDaddy Web Hosting for our cloud-computing platform. The data centers are SAS70 Type II, PCI DSS Level 1, and ISO 27001 compliant.
Secure Communications
We create a secure connection between our servers on the ‘cloud’ and your computer or mobile device, so that any information transmitted in either direction is sent securely. We use a 256-bit encryption key, the same used by the Department of Defense and large financial institutions.
Proactive Notifications
We proactively provide you with email notifications when someone views a document that you provided them access to. We also log the IP address and if they are viewing from their mobile device, we geo-tag their location. This ensures that, no matter what is happening within PolicySpot, it is no more than a google map away.
Detailed Logging on the Policy Wall
We maintain a detailed log of all activity that takes place with your policies. We provide a policy wall, much like a facebook wall, which shows who has done what to each policy. Have all the information in one easy to read location, just another way we make it easy!
Share Securely via Email
Within PolicySpot, we provide you with the ability to share documents via email with people who don’t have a PolicySpot account. All our emails are sent by one of the best email services on the planet Send Grid. Visit to read more about their cloud based email system.
Secure Backup
In addition to storing your documents in a highly secure data center located in the western half of the United States, we also store a backup of them in another highly secure data center located in Toronto, Canada. This ensures that, even if a catastrophic issue occurs in our primary data center, your documents are protected.

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